Prof Rod Griffin once said: Tree Breeding IS Data Management and he encouraged us to develop a breeding management tool. As a consequence, we have TreePlasm and substantial learning has been build into TreePlasm.

  • Unlock the potential of large complex pedigree data
  • Automate time-consuming complex data manipulation
  • Manage knowledge and information responsibly​
  • Share information in the team
  • Manage valuable seed / clone sources, terms and ownership
  • Consolidate data from scattered spreadsheets

Extract value
Create efficiencies​
Information age​
Intraweb / internet
Intellectual property

The major forestry breeding programs in South Africa use TreePlasm

What clients are saying:

2017: “I WISH [my company] had TreePlasm”

2017: “I will definitely recommend TreePlasm”

2016 “It is making life much easier now and overall I think TreePlasm is changing our lives for better