Prof Rod Griffin once said: Tree Breeding IS Data Management and he encouraged us to develop a breeding management tool. As a consequence, we have TreePlasm and substantial learning has been built into TreePlasm.

  • Unlock the potential of large complex pedigree data
  • Automate time-consuming complex data manipulation
  • Manage knowledge and information responsibly​
  • Share information in the team
  • Manage valuable seed / clone sources, terms and ownership
  • Consolidate data from scattered spreadsheets

Extract value
Create efficiencies​
Information age​
Intraweb / internet
Intellectual property

The major forestry breeding programs in South Africa use TreePlasm

What clients are saying:

2017: “I WISH [my company] had TreePlasm”

2017: “I will definitely recommend TreePlasm”

2016 “It is making life much easier now and overall I think TreePlasm is changing our lives for better

The TreePlasm Team

Contributors to TreePlasm


Is a Tree Breeder and responsible for the design and management and testing of TreePlasm.


Has been working in tree breeding for many years and now assists with the operation of TreePlasm, such as data migration. testing and day-to-day usage assistance.


Is a Python programmer and has coded much of the core of TreePlasm.


Is the programming Team Leader and is responsible for development, installation, data migration and ongoing improvement of various components of the TreePlasm software with our clients.

Lloyd Davis

Assisting with Business Development and Administration.

Expressions to live by:

“There are two principles on which to build your business (and your life);
Honesty and Image.”

“Everyone is a customer!”


Valerie is a IT specialist and programmer, who assisted with general coding in TreePlasm.


Is a Python programmer and has coded parts of the Seed Store Queries and reporting.


Jeanré is a BSc (Information and Knowledge Systems) student working on the further development of TreePlasm and BioPlasm.


Hannes Is responsible for improving and adding new components to Treeplasm and Bioplasm.


Ruan Is a programmer working on improving and adding to the functionality of Bioplasm and TreePlasm.